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Who we are

“SafetySoft.org” and “Marinerlink.net” are the portals founded by experienced Master Mariners and IT engineers. The main idea of the resource is to facilitate and digitalize risk evaluation and task preparation process in the maritime industry, unify statistics information and remove paperwork form this process. Also idea is to bring advantages of the digitalization in the methodology of the risk evaluation process itself in order to improve logic of the process and raise importance and value of the Last Minute Risk Assessment. Resource is based on WEB portal and Android based applications. Any company can utilize resource by subscription. Subscription is based on the number of units which will use the applications. User can benefit from utilization of the common risk database (Master Safety Document) and also customize own risks, vessels, areas and crew databases. Statistic of each user (company) is not visible to another, but common industry safety statistics can be obtained on request. Statistic information can be structured based on the areas of event, vessel type, event type etc.

Our Vision

The new modern approach to the improvement of safety is the digitalization of risk evaluation process. Digitalization is not a goal, it is a mean which shall bring facilitation to the risk evaluation process at the same time improve logic and quality of the process itself. Digitalization = Facilitation+ Logic = Improvement of Safety.

Our Mission

Unification of risk evaluation process in the maritime industry, assess of the users to common risk database and industry statistic, improvement of the end user feedback and influence of it on the quality of the risk evaluation process. Unification=> Common database +customized approach+ common statistics+ end user feedback= Process improvement.

Our Strategy

Offer to the industry Hi¬-END digital solutions for risk evaluation and safety management processes. Attract customers by offering simple, ready-to-use solutions for improvement of Health Safety Environmental process. More customers=>Better statistics+ Better Feedback=> Process self- improvement.

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